If you need to move about anything from one place to another, and then back again, consider a company I trust: A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT.

I trust this company because I have investigated their history, their licensing, and the way they treat their customers for more than the past two decades. I have also investigated owners Marc and Cindy Warenski.

As a result, I am proud to stand by and endorse A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT, and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“Our business is really unique in that most people don’t think of casters until they need one,” says co-owner Marc Warenski. “The term caster might not be a familiar one to most but you see them all over the place. A caster is a wheel that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object like a chair or a rolling table.”

“These people are amazing,” says IPACO manager, Dave Anderson. IPACO is an industrial and agricultural power equipment wholesaler and retailer in Logan. Dave says he found a dependable company for casters to protect his own reputation as he sells them to his own customers. “I have been using A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT for over 20 years,” he says. “I purchase casters at wholesale for my company. I have worked with Marc for a really long time and I always receive excellent customer service. The staff is great and they really take care of their customers.”

Marc and his wife Cindy purchased A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT in 2014. “I have been with A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT for over 23 years and have owned it nearly two years. I really enjoy this line of work because it’s unique and I enjoy helping people on their projects,” says Marc.

“A1 CASTER & EQUIPMENT specializes in more than just caster/wheels. They also wholesale and retail pallet jackets, hand trucks, platform trucks, furniture pads, rolling ladders, shelving, glides, dollies, dock plates, and dock boards, locker parts and tilt trucks. We want to be considered your first choice for all of your material handling needs,” says Marc.

“Our customer base is really unique. We get customers who want to fix a broken chair or are looking for shelving solutions. We also get equipment manufacturers who will use our products on their equipment. Another huge portion of our business is replacement casters for businesses such as hospitals. It’s really unbelievable how many casters are used within hospitals. They’re on pretty much everything,” says Marc.

Marc tells me one reason his company stands apart from their competitors is because of their staff. “We have some staff members who have been with us over 16 years. They really know what they’re doing. We will search high and low to find the products you need. We go out of our way to get full customer satisfaction. We’re really proud to have a reputation of a personable and friendly atmosphere.”

So there you go: A1 CASTERS AND EQUIPMENT. Now you know what I know about owners Marc and Cindy Warenski, you know about their history, their services, and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Now you know why I trust A1 CASTERS & EQUIPMENT and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

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