If you are looking for an alarm or security company you can trust for your home or office, I’ve found one: Alder (f.k.a. Alarm Protection Technology).  I trust this company because we have investigated the background of this company, and particularly the way they treat their customers. As a result I am proud to endorse Alder and declare them Gephardt Approved.

Customer treatment, in my view, is critically important when choosing an alarm company. Th e business is filled with companies which participate in various shenanigans designed to fool consumers into purchasing something they don’t want. But not Alder. In fact, I have discovered this company has set up a particular set of policies designed specifically to protect consumers.

“In the first place, we don’t sell our customers to another company,” says Alder owner Adam Schanz. “When a customer signs up with us, they remain our customer. We not only sell, but also install, maintain, and arrange monitoring of our alarm systems. Our customers will always know who their alarm company is: Alder.”

Staying in regular contact with customers, Mark Hincks, Alder’s director of sales, says they can identify any recurring problems. “We don’t want recurring problems,” Mark told me. “Whether a consumer is right or wrong, we will resolve the problem. And, we can identify problems that come up more than once. We are able to fix problems before they even occur.”

Alder says they are a state of the art company, offering full standard home and office alarm and monitoring services. They also offer complete home automation, where a customer can do everything from turn on the lights, lock doors, to adjust the in-home temperature from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Alder also installs and services CCTV camera systems, where a customer can log onto the internet and see what is going on in their home or office no matter where they are in the world.

But when I talked with Adam and Mark, it was all about customer service. It begins, they told me, with each of their 150 employees. “We empower them,” Adam said. “We have created a culture that makes each employee feel part of the team. We offer everyone here a good lifestyle. The culture trickles down from the employees to the customers. The face of our company is our employees, and our employees wind up making our customers part of the team because our customers do the work for us by telling 10 others about their experience with Alder.”

Adam says customers can be assured that when any problem comes up, that customer will be able to speak with the same Alder representative again, if necessary. “We strive for ‘one call resolution.’ That is, when a customer calls, we solve the problem. Our employees can make decisions on the spot. They fix problems, rather than promising customers will get a call back. We want to resolve any problem right now.

“We really do take good care of our employees. Our turnover rate is very low, and customers can talk to the same representative again while fixing any issue.”

Maybe most important to me in the alarm industry is the consumer protections Alder has instituted. Customers, for example, will never accidently wind up with two alarm monitoring contracts. “If someone decides they would like to change and become a customer of Alder, we will make sure they only have one contract.” in fact Adam told me that there are options to bypass a contract all together if a customer so desires.

“I’ve been in the business for 9 years,” Adam said. “I created my own alarm business because I know what everyone else does, and I think there is a better way. At the end of the day, a customer wants to feel good about their decision. That is how our customers will feel.”

So, there you go: Alder.  Now you know what I have found out about this company. Now you know what our investigation revealed about the company background. Now you know why I trust Ader and why I am proud to stand by this company as I declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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