If you’re in the process of purchasing or refinancing a home it’s important to select a mortgage company you can trust to guide you through the process. A company I trust is AMERICAN LOANS.

I have investigated AMERICAN LOANS, and its owner J.L. Llavina. I have investigated their history, their services, their licensing*, and their background. ** I have looked at how they care for their clients.  As a result, I trust AMERICAN LOANS, and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We have been providing you a dream loan for your dream home for over 21 years,” says AMERICAN LOANS owner J.L. Lavina. “The purchase of a home is the biggest purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Our goal at AMERICAN LOANS is to provide our clients with a service that will benefit them for as long as they have the mortgage.”

“They made the whole process really enjoyable, and I will definitely recommend them to my loved ones.” – Tara Parkinson, customer.

“I was in communication with AMERICAN LOANS for six months before we went through the process of purchasing our Pleasant Grove home,” says customer Tara Parkinson. “J.L. challenged me to compare his rates to others, and that’s exactly what I did. He had the lowest rates! My husband and I were even more impressed with how knowledgeable they are. They’re extremely patient, and take the time to explain things. They worked diligently, and fast, and we closed two weeks earlier than expected.”

“A dream loan for your dream home.”

J.L. tells me AMERICAN LOANS works with up to 30 different lenders to provide an array of services to their clients. “At AMERICAN LOANS we can provide just about any type of mortgage you need. We provide conventional loans, FHA, VA, and rural housing. If you’re in the market for a rental or commercial property we can handle loans for those, as well as construction loans. We also provide as a service to our client’s 100% financing, 0% down, and loans for customers with credit as low as 500.”

“We won’t recommend a program that won’t benefit you.”

“AMERICAN LOANS has programs that offer a lot of flexibility to meet the needs of all of our customers,” says J.L. “For example we can help consumers get into homes in a number of different ways. Our zero down financing program allows certain customers to get into homes without having to put down a lot of money up front. Another program we offer is half perfect down which means if a home costs $200,000, the customer would only need to put down $1,000. These programs are very beneficial to customers, and when we consult with a client we can determine which program best fits their needs and their income.”

J.L. goes on to talk about his team offering competitive interest rates by staying on top of the market. “My team and I monitor the market, and current events daily. In our opinion, our company can offer the best rates out there because we demand that of our lenders. In fact, we encourage customers to compare our rates to others before they choose us.”

J.L. tells me that helping customers has been his top priority for over 21 years. “One thing that sets me apart from others in my industry is the fact I am not a pushy guy. I think lenders get a bad reputation for pushing customers into loans. I do the opposite. I will never recommend something to a client that is not a good fit. If we determine that a mortgage is not in the best interest of our client we will work with them so that in the future they can be prepared for a mortgage.”

“We’ve got your back during the whole process.”

When it comes to the rest of the staff at AMERICAN LOANS, J.L. tells me they’re some of the best in the business. “My team has been in the industry for years. I have one loan officer who has been with me for over twelve years, another who has been with me over seven. All are trained in getting customers the best interest and being very organized on behalf of our clients.”

Customer Tara Parkinson told us this, “My real estate agent was so impressed she has been referring clients to J.L. since.”

So there you have it: AMERICAN LOANS. Now you know what I know about J.L. Llavina, and his business AMERICAN LOANS. You know about their history, their licensing, their services, and their commitment to their customers.

Now you know why I trust AMERICAN LOANS and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

*American Loans Licensing

Business License: https://secure.utah.gov/bes/details.html?entity=1266750-0142

Mortgage Agent License: http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/EntityDetails.aspx/COMPANY/245422

**We do not compare how this mortgage business compares to other mortgage businesses.


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