If you are looking for a locksmith you can trust, you could turn to one I trust: Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key. I trust this company because we have investigated the way they conduct business, the way they treat their customers, and their history in the industry. As a result, I am proud to endorse Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key, and declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

In fact, this is not the first time I’ve investigated Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key. As a television reporter, I needed a locksmith I could trust to help viewers understand a particular situation. Years ago, I found the people at Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key to be honest and knowledgeable. I find them to be just the same today. (I used the people at this company more than once for background as I produced TV news stories)

“I’ve always cared about people’s security,” says co-owner Bill Pester. “If people have a problem, it is our job to solve it.”
Bill co-owns the company with his wife, Cindi. Cindi is the daughter of the company founder, and Bill began working for Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key back in 1980.

“My dad taught me from the time I was small how to treat our customers,” Cindi tells me. Growing up the daughter of a locksmith, Cindi says that her father Bob, taught her the family business at a very young age. “I learned to pick locks, make keys, and handle office responsibilities.”

One more thing I found out, Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key is a member of Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA: http://www.aloa.org/index.html) . That is a designation not every locksmith has. I contacted the association, and they tell me that once a locksmith qualifies, the association backs the locksmith up with an additional $15,000 bond “to cover any damages that may happen because of the work they do.” I don’t believe any organization would put up that kind of money if they didn’t have confidence in the locksmith.

Bob’s Lock, Safe, and Key was founded in 1970 in California but the family moved to Utah in 1977 to be near family. “We moved to our location in West Valley in 1977 and are still in that same building today,” she says.

Indeed, it is largely a family business. “My dad started this business with his family, and it is our family that is running it today.” From technicians to office staff, Cindi tells me her daughters, sons, brothers, and brother-in-laws are all part of their team. “The employees we have that aren’t family have been with us for so long that we consider them all family,” she says with a smile.

Here’s why I think all of that is important when a customer tries to decide who to trust with their security: when you need a locksmith the most, it’s an emergency. There’s no time to shop around. Maybe you’ve locked yourself out of your car or your home. “I’ve seen many stressed people relax because of the way we treated them,” says co-owner Cindi Pester. “My dad taught me from the time I was small how to treat our customers.” As the daughter of a locksmith, she says she understands the stress and helplessness of a customer in crisis. “I’ve seen many stressed people relax because they were treated with courtesy and professionalism.”

”We treat our customers like we treat our family”

All of that, Cindi says, she passes on to all her employees. “Family is important to us, and that is how we treat our customers – like family.”

Bill adds, “We make sure all of our employees place themselves in the customer’s position. What would you like if a locksmith came to your home? What would impress you?”

Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key has a fleet of 9 service vans, and Bill tells me they can handle any emergency. “We keep our vans fully stocked with every tool and part imaginable, so we are able to handle the problem right away, and not make the customer wait.”

With rapidly advancing technology, Cindi tells me education is ongoing at Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key. “We need to be sure we can handle anything that comes our way, so our technicians are constantly watching videos and doing training on the newest locks and safes that are on the market.” She also tells me they take the time to educate and inform their customers. “If our technicians see a potential problem, they will point it out to the customer to make them aware of it. Often times we will troubleshoot while we are there, to prevent future issues. If there is ever a customer issue, it is the General Manager, Justin Pester, who calls the customer directly, and handles the problem personally.” “I make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services,” he says. “They are our number one source of new business and it is important we keep them happy.”

But it’s not just locks and keys that Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key is known for. “We also sell, install, and maintain closed-circuit television, entry control systems, high security access control, and burglar alarm systems. If it has to do with the safety of your home or business, we can handle it.”

So Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key – a company I trust. Now you know what I know about their 40+ years in the industry, their experience and approach to customer service. You know that our investigation found no customer issues or complaints whatsoever, and, now you know why I am proud to stand behind Bob’s Lock, Safe and Key, and declare this company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

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