If you’re looking for a health clinic that treats conditions ranging from migraine headaches to chronic back pain, let me introduce you to a company I trust: DENALI MEDICAL CENTER, in Bountiful, Utah.

I trust this company, because we investigated the business and its owner, Dr. Brett Earl. As a result, I stand by, trust, and endorse DENALI MEDICAL CENTER, and I’m proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“People tell us how much we changed their lives.”

-Jessica Parke, Office Manager

“There are so many people that have gone all over trying different methods to help with pain,” says Jessica Parke, Office Manager at Denali Medical Center. “After they go to our clinic, people tell us how much we changed their lives.”

“I treat the root cause of the pain, not just the pain…”

-Dr. Brett Earl, Founder

Our investigation found that Dr. Brett Earl, owner and founder of DENALI MEDICAL CENTER, is a Board Certified physician with over 15 years of experience practicing Emergency Medicine. Dr. Earl tells me he became interested in functional medicine when he got very ill and found himself going from doctor to doctor.

“I went into medicine for the same reason we all go into medicine, and that is to help people get well,” says Dr. Earl. “What I discovered was that, unfortunately, not all, but a lot of traditional medicine is based on emergent or extreme care, and many patients are advised that they need to have surgery. Then to treat pain, they are given prescription medication, which covers up the symptoms without really treating the root cause of the disease.

“I got really tired of that approach to treatment, especially the pain management. That happened and at the same time, I got very sick myself with black mold in my lungs. I went to see several doctors and no one could find out what was going on, but they were very concerned, and kept throwing pills at me. I actually got Prozac prescribed to me, and was told it was all in my head. I guess that, for me, was the final straw. It motivated me to start thinking there had to be something else as an option for health care.”

“There’s a brand new world that’s opened up to us as far as treatments.”

-Dr. Brett Earl, Founder

So, Dr. Earl says he began utilizing an integrative approach to medicine, which is a different approach to how he had been treating his patients. “I was able to get plugged into a functional medicine training scenario,” Dr. Earl tells me. “Basically the world opened up to me as far as treating root cause and making proper diagnoses. There is still a place for traditional or Western medicine, but now we’ve got this brand new world that’s opened up to us as far as treatments, different things that we can do. These treatments are super exciting.”

Jessica says DENALI MEDICAL CENTER provides an alternative to traditional medicine, where treatment is a happy medium between traditional medicine and eastern medicine philosophies. “For many people, when you focus on the root cause of the pain, it can lead to finding a solution.”

DENALI MEDICAL CENTER has three clinics: a Migraine Clinic, a Performance Clinic, and the Denali Drip Room. Services include oxygen/ozone therapy, RenuO2 (Prolozone), Migraine Resets, Supplement Optimization, and Vitamin Infusion for recovery and rejuvenation.

“I still advise some people to go get surgery,” says Dr. Earl. “There are still patients I put on prescription medications, because they need it. But what’s exciting is that there’s a window of possibilities available to us where we can make a big difference, and actually change the nature of the illness if it’s at a mild to moderate stage. Even with severe illnesses, we can make a difference in the lives of our patients.”

So there you go: DENALI MEDICAL CENTER: Now you know what I know about Dr. Earl and DENALI MEDICAL CENTER. You know about their background, their certifications, and the way they treat their patients.

And now you know why I trust DENALI MEDICAL CENTER, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt





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