Ask Dent Master of Salt Lake owner Brent Valdez what he does to keep his customers referring others to his shop, and he’ll tell you he eliminates the BUTS. That is, someone might say, “Hey, the repair and service was great, BUT…”

No “BUTS” around Dent Master of Salt Lake. Brent says if anyone says “BUT” then the job is not done properly, he will work on a customer’s car until there are no “BUTS,” and that’s why I am proud that Dent Master of Salt Lake is Gephardt Approved.  It must be the elimination of “BUTS” that has made our investigation into the company unable to find a complaint from any customer.

Now, Dent Master of Salt Lake does a lot more than their name implies. It’s not just dents. Brent says they repair minor to major collision damage with a guarantee of complete customer satisfaction, backed by a lifetime warranty.

In 1998, Brent opened Dent Master of Salt Lake, and has grown now into a full-fledged collision and detail facility.

Owner Brent Valdez says the way he keeps his customers happy is to keep his 10 employees happy. “The attitude trickles down such that those employees, working individually on a customer’s car take personal pride in what they do. Some body shops can cheat on the work you can’t see,” says Brent.  Brent says by instilling that pride to employees there is no cheating. And pride? I guess so. Brent started the shop 13 years ago and the average employee has been there 9 of those years.

Brent says his goal is to get Dent Master of Salt Lake better known.  He is successful in that effort, in that most of his business is repeat business, and referrals from previous customers.

Another thing, Brent says he has become an expert at handling the insurance claim process, often a process that can be complicated for consumers. That means, he says, he is able to act as a customer advocate during the repair process, while still maintaining a great working relationship with the insurance company. Brent says that means his customers can stay out of the middle of the negotiations and while Dent Master of Salt Lake keeps the customer interest as a top priority throughout the repair process.

Brent says what has put him over the top with customers is communication. He says he and his people call customers constantly, updating them on the progress of their repair. People appreciate that, he says. Despite the calls, Brent says no one has ever complained he calls too much.

So, with all that, I can understand why there are no customer complaints.  You can count me among those who would trust Dent Master of Salt Lake, to honestly put my car back together after a crash, and even handle that insurance claim start to finish.  I am proud to declare Dent Master of Salt Lake Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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