If you’re looking for a company I trust to help you secure a home loan or a re-finance, you could turn to: ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE. I have investigated ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE and its owner Jon Roberts.

I have investigated their licensing, their history, their services, and their commitment to keeping their customers happy.  As a result, I endorse ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE, and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“I didn’t expect it to be that quick.” – Brian Bambrough, customer.

“I was really impressed at how quickly Jon and his staff were able to get me into a home,” says customer Brian Bambrough. “I recently did a short sale on a home in California. I didn’t expect to get into a new home so quickly. I expected this process to be a hassle. But Jon was able to work with the underwriters and make the process smooth.”

“I pride myself on helping people who don’t fit into what I call the ‘mortgage box’ get into loans,” says ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE owner Jon Roberts. “The mortgage box is great for people with perfect credit and high income. I find that I am a good fit for people who don’t fit into the ‘mortgage box.’”

“We work hard for our clients.”

Jon tells me he has been working in the mortgage industry for over 14 years. “I found out a long time ago that the mortgage industry was a perfect fit for me. I enjoy challenges, and problem solving. I love the challenge of helping someone get into a home that doesn’t have perfect credit but is still a good candidate for home ownership. It’s definitely a thrill every day.”

“ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE offers residential mortgage loans throughout Utah. We’re a small office which provides a huge advantage to our clients. Since we’re independent, and we don’t have to answer to a large corporation, we can offer different options. As a company we don t have to offer a ‘one size, fits all,’ type of mentality.”

Jon tells me many of his clients are seeking a rural home loan with little, to no money down. “I help secure a lot of loans for younger people. Many of my clients are between 20-30 years old and are seeking their first home. Many of my clients have good credit; but not great credit.”

“We pass the savings along to you.”

“We believe we provide home loans at a cheaper cost to the consumer,” says Jon. “I have inquired at several larger companies about closing rates and based off of my findings I feel confident saying that we’re much cheaper than most companies out there.”

In addition to passing along savings to customers, Jon tells me another goal he has is to get you into your new home quickly. “My staff and I have a goal of closing on a home within 21 days. We have been very successful at that goal.”

“Our goal is to close within 21 days.”

“As a business owner, I want each and every one of my clients to feel like my staff and I did everything in our power for them. We want them to feel taken care of. We communicate with our clients about the steps being taken on their behalf, and we go out of our way to keep our customers happy,” says Jon.

So there you go: ENVISOIN FINANCE & MORTGAGE. Now you know what I know about the company, and its owner. You know about their experience, their history, and their commitment to providing good customer service.

Now you know why I endorse ENVISION FINANCE & MORTGAGE and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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