If you’re in need of a place you can trust to tow or repair your vehicle you could turn to a company I trust: FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING.

I have investigated owners Kenneth Wahlstrom and Josh Wahlstrom and FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING. I have investigated their 30 years of history, their business practices, and the way FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING treats their customers. As a result, I am proud to endorse FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING and declare them Gephardt Approved.

“We will never do work on your car unless we contact you with an estimate.” – Josh Wahlstrom, owner

“Our number one goal is education,” says co-owner Josh Wahlstrom. “We want our people to make sure that customers understand the problem, and the steps it will take to fix it. The expenses of repairing a car can add a lot of stress on our customers, which is why we treat our customers like family. We will never do work on your car unless we contact you with an estimate.”

Josh tells me his father has been practicing this motto since he started the business over 30 years ago.

The owners say FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING specializes in all makes and models, and provides service and repairs on tires, engines, and preventative maintenance. “A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is something we try to emphasize. It can really save quite a headache if you get your future car inspected to make sure things are going to work right,” says Josh.

“They are affordable, and I know that I can trust them whenever I have a problem.”- Taud Olsen, customer

“I take all of my vehicles to FARMINGTON SERVICE AND TOWING,” says long-time customer Taud Olsen. “Ken and Josh are very experienced on foreign cars. They are affordable and I know that I can trust them whenever I have a problem.”

That’s precisely the feedback the owners like to hear. “Creating relationships with our customers has also been something that was really important to my father,” says Josh. “He created an environment where we know our customers and they know us. Our business is family owned and when customers come to us they know they can get problems fixed right away, without having to work through a chain of command like you might find at a large shops.” says Josh.

“….technicians who won’t recommend unneeded services.” – Josh Wahlstrom, owner

Hiring the right technicians is what makes or breaks a business, says Josh. “We look for integrity when looking for employees. We make sure to choose people we can trust, technicians who won’t recommend unneeded services.” Josh says all of his technicians are up to date on all of the needed certifications; they complete regular trainings to stay up to date on technology, and are ASE certified.

As the name implies, FARMINGTON TOWING AND SERVICE specializes in towing. “We are a trusted towing service for the Utah Highway Patrol and the Davis County Sheriff’s Office,” says Josh. “We realize that towing is an important service our customers need if they find themselves broken down or in an accident.”

So there you go: FARMINGTON TOWING AND SERVICE. Now you know what I know about the business and owners Josh and Kenneth Wahlstrom. You know about their history, the way they treat customers, and the services they provide.

Now you know why I am proud to endorse FARMINGTON TOWING AND SERVICE and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt



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