Take just a brief look into the attitude, education, and business practices of Dr. Alan Young and his Hearing Zone, and you’ll know why I trust this business, and endorse the Hearing Zone as Gephardt Approved.

Dr. Young, to my way of thinking, has a genuine passion for giving people their hearing back, and allowing them to communicate again. “People hug me when I’ve completed my work,“ he told me. “Communication makes us human. Hearing loss makes people withdraw, and when I can give them that hearing back, I get lots of satisfaction to give someone their life back.”

It is clear to me why I can find no complaints about the Hearing Zone. Sure, Dr. Young doubles the state law that requires a money back guarantee from 30 to 60 days or more. But Dr. Young even goes a step further: He tells me, “once you get that hearing aid, you are my patient for life, as long as you’ve got that hearing aid.” While he commits to the best service, and fair pricing, Dr. Young says there are no additional office visit charges whatsoever for the life of the hearing aid for cleaning, adjusting, or programming.

Dr. Young says he has just one office, not a group of offices which he might visit from time to time. He says patients prefer to see the same person, him, every time they visit. He says his reputation is on the line every day, so he spends time reading the latest material on hearing aids, and regularly attends seminars so he can pick the top companies with the latest technology on hearing assist devices. He says he wants hearing aids to be “transparent.” I found out that means the hearing aid must not only be cosmetically acceptable to a patient, but also “transparent” to the patient, so they might not even know they are wearing a hearing aid.

Dr. Young is a university trained doctor of audiology, which put him in school for 7 years. That separates him from HIS/NBC (hearing aid specialist/Nationally board Certified) distributors of hearing aids.

So, now you know the background of the Hearing Zone, and business owner Dr. Alan Young. You know why I trust and endorse him, and you know why I am proud to declare the Hearing Zone Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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