If you find yourself facing a criminal charge, or you need an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case you could turn to a firm I have investigated: KELLY CARDON & ASSOCIATES.

I have investigated owner Kelly Cardon and all of the lawyers at his firm.* I have investigated his licensing, his background, his services, and his history. **

As a result of my investigation, KELLY CARDON & ASSOCIATES is GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“I got into law because I wanted to help people,” says Kelly Cardon of KELLY CARDON & ASSOCIATES. “I have over 25 years of experience in representing clients in DUI cases. In fact, I have filed over 5,000 cases.”

“If it were me, I’d call me.”

Kelly tells me that his firm specializes in DUI, criminal law, personal injury, and wills. “I think what really makes my firm stand out is our vast experience in working with judges and prosecutors. If I recommend that a client complete a rehabilitation program, judges and prosecutors trust me because they know I take a great interest in my clients,” says Kelly.

Kelly says he has been fortunate to learn the ins and outs of DUI defense over the years. “DUI’s have really changed over the years. Prescription and street drug impairment charges were almost non-existent ten years ago. Videos have also helped us in our cases because we’re able to see what takes place during the traffic stop. I have intimate knowledge of the statutes, fines and penalties.”

“I fight for my clients.”

“I see a lot of first time offenders; people going through a difficult time like a loss or a break up. I think it’s my responsibility as their attorney to get them the help they need, and to see the light,” he says.

Kelly says he makes it very clear that he is available for his clients. “Being arrested and charged with a crime brings a lot of stress to a person. My clients have a lot of questions about their case regarding the process, and what’s next. I always keep their concerns at the top of my list at all times. I make myself reachable by text, call, and email. I want to provide as much relief as possible.”

So there you go: KELLY CARDON & ASSOCIATES. Now you know about my investigation into KELLY CARDON & ASSOCIATES. You know about Kelly Cardon, and his law firm. You know about their history, their experience, and their services.


~ Bill Gephardt


Kelly Cardon: Utah State Bar

Jeff Parker: Utah State Bar License

James Shinault: Utah State Bar License

**We have not investigated how this law firm compares to other law firms.


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3856 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT


41.19273621402827, -111.97113257672112

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