If you are in the market for a mattress, but you are not sure just what sort of mattress you want or you need, you could turn to a company that I would trust to do more than just sell beds: Mattress Warehouse, or Park City Mattress. I trust them because we’ve investigated their business practices, and the way they serve their customers. As a result, I am proud to endorse Mattress Warehouse, and declare each of their five locations Gephardt Approved.

For owner Karl Tobler, he convinced me it’s more than just selling a mattress for anyone who walks into his stores, it’s a fitting process.

I watched store manager Doug Nance walk around the store with a clipboard, recording the answers to questions he asked customers. That clipboard contains what is known as the Mattress Warehouse “sleep fit process.” It’s a program developed by Karl to fit his customers to the mattress they are buying. “Things matter to customer that they don’t realize matter,” says Karl.

“We help people select the right bed so they’ll love it for years,” says Karl. It’s a great feeling when my customers tell me how much they love their mattress and how much better they’re sleeping at night. It’s satisfying for me, and many send in their friends and family.”

Manager Doug asks, “How do you sleep, on your side, on your back, on your stomach? Do you wake up with specific pains?” Do you toss and turn? What is the temperature of your bedroom? Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Karl says his “sleep fit process” is roughly 20 questions that help assure that our customer’s select the best bed to suit their needs. We take the mystery and fear out of buying a mattress. Sure, he offers a 60 day comfort guarantee, but he says he really wants customers to be happy with their new mattress for years to come because it fits them. The company has mattresses that run the entire price range. Sometimes a customer will need less expensive beds for a guest room, or for a cottage, says Karl. Sometimes a customer will want more expensive beds to fill special comfort needs. “I just want to get people in the right bed so they’ll love it for years,” says Karl. “My name is on the line with every mattress I sell. If people feel better, and I get the joy when a customer says, ‘wow, my back feels better, I sleep at night,’ then I’ve met my goal. It’s satisfaction for me, and they will send in their friends and family to get the same great results.”

We could find absolutely no customer complaints when it came to Mattress Warehouse, and it may have something to do with an attitude I detected when talking with owner Karl Tobler. “All of my sales people have made at least one delivery or two to fill a special need,” says Karl. Now, Mattress Warehouse has full time delivery people, but Karl says sometimes a customer has special needs that need to be met. “I delivered a mattress myself on New Year’s Day,” says Karl. “I delivered it because a customer had a need to have it delivered on New Year’s Day.”

So, Mattress Warehouse and Park City Mattress: Now you know why I trust this company, you know why I endorse this company, and you know why I am proud to declare all five stores of this company Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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