If you’re looking for a company you can trust for mortuary, cemetery, or pre-paid funeral services, you can turn to a company I trust: MEMORIAL ESTATES.

I trust this company because we investigated their history, licensing, and their commitment to customer service. As a result, I endorse and trust MEMORIAL ESTATES, and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“…Our motto is excellence…” – Jordan Buckner, Memorial Estates.

“I think overall, customers can expect us to provide the utmost customer service,” says Jordan Buckner, of MEMORIAL ESTATES. “Everyone who works for us has a commitment to service, and a commitment to excellence. In fact, our motto is excellence. Everything we do, we’re going to excel.”

“Our funeral directors care about the families they help,” says Jordan. “Families need funeral services, some want high end and some need something more basic. We’re here to do whatever is best for the family. Our goal is to understand what the family needs and give that to them.”

Jordan says MEMORIAL ESTATES is a subsidiary of Security National Financial Corporation, a publicly held corporation based in Salt Lake City. Security National Financial Corporation was originally established as a mortgage banking and life insurance company. Then George Quist, founder and chief executive, found himself in a difficult position. The original owner of Memorial Estates suffered an aneurysm and was unable to run the company. George had given the previous owner a short term loan for the company and he did not want to foreclose on it. Instead, he made an offer to buy it. According to the Deseret News, “the rest is corporate history.”

Jordan tells us that due to its financial structure, MEMORIAL ESTATES is here to stay. “We are actually part of a financial corporation,” says Jordan. “Unlike a lot of companies, we are not going anywhere.” Jordan explained that Memorial Estates is very closely monitored by regulatory agencies. “We are a transparent company.”

Yet despite the fact that this company is part of a publicly held corporation, Jordan says it is still very much a family run business. George Quist is Jordan’s great-grandfather and Scott Quist is his uncle. Jordan started working as a groundskeeper and is now managing operations and marketing. “I love being able to work with my family every day. We built a strong culture.”

Jordan is proud to tell us that his company has several convenient locations: there are 5 cemeteries and 8 funeral homes as well as a crematory. “We have more facilities than other companies. We believe we have everything you might need. You don’t have to go anywhere else.”

“We have a strong belief in the value of a funeral service and the grieving process. When someone passes away, it has a ripple effect on family and friends and a lot of people don’t realize it. When family and friends gather together, it’s an important step in the grieving process.”

But Jordan says MEMORIAL ESTATES doesn’t stop helping families once the service is over. He tells us that unlike many other funeral homes, they offer free one on one grief counseling. “We help families through the entire process, including after care services. We want families to know we’re here for them in their time of need and will help them in any way we can.”

So there you go: MEMORIAL ESTATES: Now you know what I know about their history, licensing, and their commitment to customer service.

Now you know why I trust MEMORIAL ESTATES and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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