Facing end-of-life decisions can be confusing, stressful, and costly. Finding a funeral provider you can trust to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time can be an overwhelming responsibility. One such company that we have investigated and we have not found any business or customer issues with is Neptune Society. I am pleased to recommend them as Gephardt Approved.

“Should our clients travel or relocate, their plan goes with them.” – Cory Lee, Manager

The largest provider of cremation services in North America, Neptune Society has been offering cremation services for over 40 years and now has a location in Salt Lake City. “The Neptune Society offers our customers extra peace of mind with our worldwide coverage.  Should our clients travel or relocate, their plan goes with them,” says Corey Lee, Manager of the Salt Lake City location. He tells me cremation is becoming a preferred choice over burial for many families in the U.S. “There are many drivers that lead to choosing cremation over traditional burial such as; pre-planning protects loved ones emotionally and financially, religious beliefs, removing time constraints of bringing family together at the time of need and the flexibility of where to inter the loved one, whether it be entombment, scattering, or placing in a memorial site,” he explains. “Today, most major religions readily accept cremation. For example, all of the Christian denominations allow cremation, the Catholic Church approves of cremation but advocates the cremated remains be interned in a cemetery. The LDS Church does not discourage cremation but leaves it up to the individual and the body of a deceased member who has been endowed should be dressed in temple clothing when it is cremated.

“It’s not just cremation services that Neptune Society offers,” Mr. Lee says. “We are part of Service Corporation International; which is the largest provider of funeral and cemetery services in North America. That gives us the ability to meet the needs of every family member, whether it be traditional burial or cremation.” He explains that Service Corporation International was founded in 1962 by Robert Waltrip, who is still the Chairman of the Board today. “Being a part of such a large company, with partners in every aspect of end of life planning means we can meet the needs of everyone with dignity and respect.”

“The Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest man-made reef…” – Cory Lee

Mr. Lee tells me that Neptune Society offers their own exclusive memorial site. “The Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest man-made reef, covering 16 miles of ocean floor, and is located just off Key Biscayne in Florida.” Mr. Lee says that the reef is a member of the Green Burial Council, and meets the guidelines of every governing body involved. “This project was years in the making, and meets the strict guidelines of NOAA, the EPA, Florida Fish and Wildlife, and Army Corps of Engineers,” he tells me. “Also, the Department of Environmental Resource Management recently conducted a study that concluded the marine life around the reef went from zero to thousands in just two years.” Mr. Lee explains that families scatter their ashes over the Neptune Memorial Reef, then come back year after year to dive the reef, with the representation of the Lost City of Atlantis that is just 40 feet under the water. “We have families out here time after time, many coming multiple times a year, because the site is so beautiful. It has turned visiting the site of a loved one a different kind of family tradition. The reef has also become an attraction for scuba divers, marine biologists, researchers, and ecologists from all over the world. Many families refer to the site as Life after Life.”

And so, with their absolute dedication to providing the most comprehensive care possible to their customers and families, as well as their longevity in the industry, you can see why I proudly pronounce Neptune Society as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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