Sometimes couples who want a baby simply cannot have one. there is a company I have investigated and I trust to help couples have a baby: REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER.

We have investigated REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER, its physicians, and its owners Dr. James Heiner and Dr. Keith Blauer. We dug into their history, their licensing, and their services. We looked at how they treat their clients.  As a result, I am proud to endorse REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER and declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

Here’s something unique: these doctors are so confident in their abilities, that they offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. More on that later.

“Every patient matters.”

“We’re invested in our patients and their families,” says REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER co-owner Dr. Keith Blauer. “We see our patients sometimes several times a week. We get to know our patients. We rejoice with them. We cry with them. We want our patients to know they matter to every person at REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER.

“Over 130 years of combined experience.”

Dr. Blauer tells me REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER was established in 1995 and has helped over 9,000 couples start a family. “Our staff of five physicians has over 130 years of combined experience. Our physicians have held very prominent positions with universities and fertility clinics across the country. We truly mean it when we say we are specialists. Helping couples start a family is what we’re all about.”

“REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER has three locations to assist patients with fertility treatment and comprehensive evaluations. We also have a community outreach program that assists patients in Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. This program allows patients in those areas to receive the same type of care and attention they would receive at one of our three locations, but we save them the drive,” says Dr. Blauer.

Dr. Blauer tells me over the years the REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER patients have become family. “We hold a party for our patients every year. We have held parties at places like the Hogle Zoo and the Living Planet Aquarium. Last year we had over 2,000 guests at our party. We truly love our patients and helping achieving their dreams. It’s also important for our staff to stay in touch with families and watch them grow.”

“We offer a 100% money back guarantee.”

When it comes to cost, Dr. Blauer tells me REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER has options to help meet the financial needs of its patients. “We offer financing for patients who do not necessarily have the funds up front. We have found that only 10% of insurance carriers will cover the entire cost of fertility treatments. We believe we offer the best value at the best price.”

“One thing you’re not likely to find at other fertility treatment centers is our guarantee. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for IVF treatments if our patient does not deliver a live baby. Our patients expect an outcome and that outcome is a baby. We have found this guarantee is very important to our patients and their families and we’re proud to offer it,” says Dr. Blauer.

“I want potential patients to know that we’re more innovative, more cost efficient, and the best in the industry for caring for their needs. We strive to put our patient’s needs first. We want our patients to receive the outcome they have been hoping for. We’re there for them through this tedious process, and we excel at it.”

So there you go: REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER. Now you know what I know about REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER and its owners Dr. James Heiner and Dr. Keith Blauer. You know about their history and services. You know about their commitment to helping their patients.

Now you know why I trust REPRODUCTIVE CARE CENTER and why I am proud to stand by them and declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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