If you’re looking for a business phone system and you’re looking for a company I trust, you could turn to: RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES.

We investigated RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES. We have investigated its owner Nathan Harmon. We dug into their history and services. We called their clients and verified customer satisfaction.  As a result, I trust RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES, and I am proud to standby them and declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“They deliver each time.” – Bret Milne, customer.

“It’s important to me to do business with a company that is responsive,” customer Bret Milne says of RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES. “We were previously using another telecom company. That company didn’t provide anything above the status quo. When we expanded into two facilities someone recommended Nathan and his business. Nathan sends out crews immediately if we have any issues. Excellent customer service is very important to me and RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES delivers each time.”

“If you want it done right the first time give us a call.”

“For years the telecom industry had gotten a terrible reputation for being unresponsive and ignoring customers once the system was installed,” says RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES owner Nathan Harmon. “When I entered the business over 18 years ago, I entered with the goal of always putting my customers’ needs first. As business owners, my customers have enough problems to worry about. If they hire us for telecom services we won’t be one of their worries.”

“RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES always has someone available to answer your questions. We serve clients in three different states so it’s important we make ourselves available whenever a customer has a technical issue or a question. After normal business hours on call technicians will answer your call. We also have an extraordinary staff that is just as dedicated to serving our clients’ needs as I am. Six of my employees have been with me for over 15 years and they’re committed to having satisfied customers.”

Nathan tells me RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES provides businesses with the latest phone systems. “Anybody who has an office, a cubicle, and a need for a phone we’re the company for you. We offer paging services. We will also do all of the necessary wiring needed to a new construction or existing structure. We will work closely with you to determine what system will work best.”

“We will help you get the best price.”

“We have the ability to compare rates for all phone carriers and internet providers. This allows us to provide options to our customers. We aren’t tied down to one company so we can get our customers exactly within their budget. An added benefit of this is reducing any potential problems down the road. If you’re experiencing any problems and we have determined it’s the provider, and not our systems, we will call your carrier and work with them to get it resolved. Calling us first, most of the time, will reduce wait time,” says Nathan.

“We will always be upfront and honest with you.”

“I want potential clients to know that my business and its employees are completely transparent. We will never hide problems from you. If there is a problem we will take it head on. We will work hard to figure out the problem and we won’t point fingers. I want potential clients to know that my customers are very important to me and it’s important to get them taken care right away,” says Nathan.

So there you go: RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES. Now you know what I know about the business. You know about their services and their history. You know about Nathan, the owner, and his commitment to customer satisfaction.

Now you know why I trust and stand by RIMROCK TELECOM SERVICES and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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