“Being healthy is a lot less expensive than being sick.” That’s what Dr. Joseph Bowden, D.C. told me is the inspiration behind his STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC in Layton.

So, I investigated the background of Dr. Bowden and his clinic. The result: I trust and endorse the business, and I am proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

Dr. Bowden says it’s all about eating and exercising properly, and he says he’s there to help, relying on extensive blood work to form a baseline of what his patients need to stay healthy. “I don’t want them to die six years before they pass away,” Dr. Bowden told me. “I take away the pain. That’s the goal.”

“This clinic is our personal passion,” says co-owner Robinette (Robin) Bowden. “My husband and I both retired in 2010, after having enjoyed successful careers for over 30 years. We went on to perform humanitarian service in the South Pacific, where he became adrenalized thinking about what diet is doing to people. Now my husband continues to help patients, but in more ways than as a chiropractor.”

“I’ve recommended Dr. Bowden to several friends.”

-Patient, L.H.

Just ask L.H. about Dr. Bowden. “When I first started going to Dr. Bowden, he ran a series of lab tests,” says L.H. “From the results, we got together, and now I’m following a nutrition program that works for me. This way is very easy, and it’s been such a big help.”

“Our clinic is pretty unique,” says Robin. “Dr. Bowden treats patients for conditions like neuropathy, and he’s also certified in nutrition and weight management.

“With my background in microbiology, chemistry, experience working in the biochemistry laboratory at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, working in four hospitals, and certified m(ASCP) by the American Society of Clinical Pathology, I’m doing something that’s not very well known or available in Utah.”

Dr. Bowden tells me that he begins treatment of new patients by having them get a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. He says he looks at the medications the patient is currently taking, while checking vitals, body fat, and oxygen levels. “When the lab work is done, we receive a 21 page report that I review in detail with my patient,” says Dr. Bowden. “Then we use the results of the lab tests to set up a nutrition and exercise plan that’s specifically tailored to that individual.”

“In reality, Dr. Bowden is a chiropractor  who focuses on the patient’s blood work,” Robin tells me. “He uses the knowledge that he has with his license as a chiropractic physician and he looks at the whole person. If the problem is structural, he will correct that. If the problem is diet and exercise, he assists his patients with an individual diet and exercise plan.”

“We are more preventative, we look for the cause not just alleviate the symptoms.”

-Co-Owner, Dr. Joseph Bowden

“We see a lot of patients on Medicare who are taking several kinds of prescription drugs, and they have limited mobility,” says Dr. Bowden. “We take the approach that good health is tied to good nutrition, and it’s critical to look at the patient’s blood work, and key in on it as far as what are the health and nutritional needs of the patient. We are more preventative, we look for the cause not just alleviate the symptoms.”

L.H. tells me after going to Dr. Bowden, she’s getting the vitamins she’s lacking, and she now knows what to eat. “I’m older than I used to be, and it’s hard to lose the weight,” says L.H. “Since I started going to see Dr. Bowden last June, I’ve lost 20 pounds. Now I’m getting the vitamins I’m lacking and I know what I should be eating. Plus, the best part is I found out I’m diabetic and have high cholesterol, and I’ve been able to manage it without medication.”

According to Robin, Dr. Bowden and STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC are affiliated with Science Based Nutrition™, as well as StayFit Seniors and Baby Boomers®, and Silver Sneakers® and Silver and Fit®. “We love what we do, helping people improve their overall health,” says Robin.

“Dr. Bowden has been helping people since I met him in 1967,” Robin tells me.  “Retirement is okay, but you have to have something else to do. That’s why we started STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC a year ago. We are here to help people be healthy.”

So there you go: STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC: Now you know what I know about Dr. Bowden and STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC. You know about their history, their certifications, and the way they treat their patients.

And now you know why I trust STAYFIT WELLNESS CLINIC, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt




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