If you’re looking for an eye care center you can trust, you could turn to a company I have investigated and trust: SUGAR HOUSE VISION.

I trust SUGAR HOUSE VISION and the owner Dr. Todd Kimball because we have investigated them. We have looked into their history, licensing* and the way they treat their clients. **  As a result, I endorse SUGAR HOUSE VISION and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“Our patients are like our family,” says owner Dr. Kimball. “We get to know every single one of our patients because we want them to feel comfortable and at ease when they walk through our doors.”

“Honest, caring, and phenomenal staff.” – Michelle Carter, long time customer.

Being treated like family is one of the reasons Michelle Carter has been using SUGAR HOUSE VISION for over 35 years. “I was referred to SUGAR HOUSE VISION by a friend over three decades ago, and I have never been anywhere else. They really do treat you like family. My kids continue to use SUGAR HOUSE VISION for all of their eye needs. They are excellent at what they do, and I am always recommending them.”

Dr. Kimball tells me that they’ve been providing vision and primary eye care since 1952, and we have confirmed that. “SUGAR HOUSE VISION is a third generation business that was started by my father. I have been working as an optometrist for over 36 years now, and I am proud to say my son works in the business. We’re truly a family owned and operated business.”

“At SUGAR HOUSE VISION we can take care of all of your eye needs. We offer comprehensive care including diagnostic testing, and specialized vision therapy,” says Dr. Kimball. “We are constantly expanding our services to better service our patients of any age, even as young as 6 months old.”

Todd tells me one of the reasons they have been successful for as long as they have is because of the way they value, and treat their clients. “We just want to take care of our patients as best we can. It’s extremely important to us that our customers have a world class experience from the moment they’re greeted at the front desk, to the time they finish up in the exam room. Our clients are our priority, every day.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the help of my staff,” Dr. Kimball touts about his staff. “We take pride in our personal care and experience. There are many factors that contribute to vision and all of my staff members are experienced, educated, and accommodating.”

One of SUGAR HOUSE VISION’s longest staff members Shana tells me about why she has stayed with the company for 15 years. “The rest of the staff at SUGAR HOUSE VISION are like family members. It’s really rewarding to work in a place you enjoy. The staff is incredibly thorough in their work. They’re dedicated to their patients, and they’re experts in the field of vision. I truly love where I work, and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

“…experienced, educated, and accommodating.”

So there you go: SUGAR HOUSE VISION. Now you know what I know about SUGAR HOUSE VISION and owner Dr. Todd Kimball. You know about their history, licensing, and the way they treat and value their clients.

Now you know why I trust SUGAR HOUSE VISION and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt


Business License: https://secure.utah.gov/bes/details.html?entity=1040952-0142

Dr. Todd Kimball: https://secure.utah.gov/llv/search/detail.html?license_id=11187

Dr. Ross Chatwin: https://secure.utah.gov/llv/search/detail.html?license_id=5247452

**We have not investigated how this eye care center compares to other eye care centers.


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