A company I trust for dentistry, and for a way of treating Sleep Apnea is UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY.

We have independently investigated Dr. Arnoud Noot, the founder of UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY. We have looked at his background, his education, his certification, and the way he treats his clients and I am proud to say UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY is Gephardt Approved.

“We have been in the business of saving people’s lives for more than 17 years. We like to call it dentistry done right,” says company spokesman Arie Noot. Arie is also the Director of Utah Sleep Apnea and the brother of Dr. Arnoud Noot. Arie tells me that his brother’s passion for dentistry began many years ago when he began practicing in Orthodontics. “My brother worked in Orthodontics for over 15 years. After he realized the huge need for reliable and comfortable solutions he began to dive into Sleep Apnea and Biomimetic Dentistry. Biomimetic Dentistry is a type of tooth-conserving dentistry. We focus on saving the tooth, rebuilding it back to life. We say no to root canals and crowns because there are better options out there.”

“We like to call it dentistry done right!”

Arie says Dr. Arnoud Noot began studying the ins and outs of Biomimetic Dentistry and found the best Doctors, under whom to study under, traveling the world to stay up to date on the latest developments and techniques. Arie says his brother is a member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, and has the Air Force Commendation Medal, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

A big focus of UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY is the treatment of Sleep Apnea. “When you relax in sleep, and your lower jaw falls back you can’t breathe normally. Many people think the only option for this is a CPAP machine. There are better options such as oral appliances. These are as small as retainers, they’re comfortable, and they help treat Sleep Apnea,” says Arie.

Arie tells me that Sleep Apnea is so common other Doctors refer patients to see Dr. Arnoud Noot at UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY. “In one month we had over 40 referrals for oral appliances. 70% of people who snore have Sleep Apnea. Instead of getting upset at your spouse for snoring, take them to a Doctor, because you don’t have to suffer.”

Arie says their oral appliance has been so successful among patients, people from all over the United States fly in to see Dr. Arnoud Noot. “You wouldn’t believe how many Doctors and Dentists we treat for Sleep Apnea.”

Carol Foster, the Education Coordinator for UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY says one reason people come to them is comfort. “When you step into our office it’s like you’ve walked into a 5-star resort,” she says. “Our customers are the most important thing. Patients can expect to be treated like family!”

Is it affordable? Arie tells me that most insurance companies cover the costs. “It’s a very low cost for patients. We won’t deny a patient because of money. We will always find a way to work something out because Dr. Armoud Noot wants to make sure that people can have a comfortable life.”

Now you know what I know about UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY and what our investigation revealed. You know the background, education, and policies of UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY.

Now you know why I endorse Dr. Arnoud Noot and why I am proud to declare UTAH SLEEP APNEA DENTISTRY as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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