Need a Taxi cab? Need to get around?  You can turn to a company I trust: UTE CAB COMPANY.

I trust UTE CAB COMPANY because we have investigated the company background, their history, their licensing, and the way they treat their customers. We have also investigated owner Ken Olsen’s background.  As a result, I am proud to stand by UTE CAB COMPANY, and endorse the company as GEPHARDT APPROVED.

Whenever I get into a taxi cab, I worry that the driver is treating me fairly: that I am charged correctly, that the driver takes the most direct route, or that the driver isn’t pulling any shenanigans.

“We absolutely won’t tolerate any of that,” owner Ken Olsen told me. “Our drivers know that if a customer complains, the driver will be brought into the office to explain. We can track the route to be sure the customer got the most direct service. If the driver is wrong, there is no second chance. We want the absolute best and trusted customer service.”

“I won’t call anyone else.” – David Fine, longtime customer.

Longtime customer David Fine says he swears by the service provided by UTE CAB COMPANY twice a week for doctor appointments and errands. “Before finding UTE CAB COMPANY I tried out many different taxi companies,” he told us. “I have called only UTE CAB COMPANY for the past five years because they really take care of me. When I need to go to the hospital I need to be there quick and that’s exactly the sort of thing UTE CAB COMPANY can do. They always arrive at my house within five or ten minutes. I think they’re the best and I will never call anyone else.”

“Family owned and operated for over 60 years.”

“For over 60 years, our family owned and operated company has been helping people get to the places they need to go,” says owner Ken Olsen. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve been around. We’re not your fly by the night company and we plan to be here a very long time.”

Ken tells me that UTE CAB COMPANY specializes in taking people all over Salt Lake Valley and Park City. “Whether you need a ride to the airport, a pickup from a local restaurant, or you need to transport your employees or clients from place to place we’re your guys. We have two ADA wheelchair accessible vans and we can offer rides for up to six people.”

Another thing UTE CAB COMPANY offers its clients is a mobile app that allows customers to track the status of their driver. “We use NexTaxi, which is an app that allows our customers to see in real time where their cab is. There is no guessing. The app has received great feedback and we think it’s a service that really benefits them,” says Ken.

“Many of our drivers have been with us for over 15 years!”

Ken tells me that’s the kind of experience he wants all of his customers to receive. “Helping people get around is what we do. I think I have a great team of drivers who really care about the customers. Many of our drivers have been with UTE CAB COMPANY for over 15 years. We have others who have been with us for over 20. Our drivers go the extra mile for clients, and many really depend on us. It’s common to hear from our customers that their driver helped them carry in their groceries, and that’s a great thing for a business owner to hear.”

Ken tells me that it’s not easy to be a driver at his company. “One of the reasons UTE CAB COMPANY has been in business as long as we have is because of our drivers. The reason for that is we make sure we hire the best people. Every driver must pass a thorough background check, receive a transportation badge from the Salt Lake International Airport, and then their application process begins.”

“From there, we make sure the driver has lived in Utah for at least a year to guarantee they know where they’re going. They must also have a clean driving record, and then they move onto a driving test.” Ken says after that the driver is drug tested. If qualified to drive for UTE CAB COMPANY the driver has their record pulled annually.

So there you go: UTE CAB COMPANY. Now you know what I know about the business. You know about their history, their licensing, and the way they treat their customers.

Now you know why I endorse UTE CAB COMPANY and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

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