If you find yourself with unmanageable debt load and you’re unsure of your next steps, you could contact a firm I have investigated: VANNOVA LEGAL.

I have investigated VANNOVA LEGAL and its team of attorneys.* I have investigated their history, their licensing, their services, and the way they treat their clients. **

As a result of my investigation, VANNOVA LEGAL is GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We listen to our clients,” says VANNOVA LEGAL firm administrator, Kathy Van Sleen. “We take the time to figure out what will be best for you. We’re more than bankruptcy attorneys. Our team consists of attorneys and professional experts in the fields of negotiations, real estate, finance, and mortgage lending. We can provide you with many options.”

“We want to give you a fresh start.”

More specifically, Kathy tells me the team at VANNOVA LEGAL works on Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies. They also do loan modification, short sales, debt negotiations, tax settlements, and foreclosure defense. “What’s great about our firm is our ability to understand your needs. We offer a free consultation and we can provide you with best option.”

“When a client walks through our door they’re panicked,” says VANNOVA LEGAL managing attorney, Matthew Broadbent. “In addition to putting on the legal hat, I put on the counselor hat. Debt issues cause a lot of stress for a person. I want them to know that we’re there for them through each step, and we will always keep them informed.”

Attorney Andrew Nemeth who oversees their Scottsdale, Arizona location says, “Nobody prepares themselves to file bankruptcy. Life happens and often times it throws us a curve ball. We care about the needs of our clients so we’re there for them through every step of the process.”

“Being informed throughout the process has made it a little less stressful,” says current client Alice Miller. “I am in the process of a very complicated chapter 13 bankruptcy. From the beginning they have informed me of what’s going on. Kathy even answered my calls at 8 p.m., and to me, that really shows they really care. They took the time to explain every option and they really have my back.”

“There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes with helping people,” says Matthew. “A lot of the clients we represent haven’t spent their savings on lavish items, but rather found themselves with a medical emergency. We can provide debt relief options for every budget.”

“It’s our goal at VANNOVA LEGAL to fight for everything our client is entitled to,” says Andrew. “It’s important that we’re very thorough, and we know all of the assets our clients have so that we can do all in our power to protect them. People are trying to get a fresh start and I want to maximize that for them.”

Matthew spent a lot of time in our interview touting his staff. “Our staff is top notch,” he told us. “Our paralegals, case workers, and industry professionals will be able to help. They will care for your sensitive information. They will help you gather all of the information you need. Further, they will be there for you throughout the process, and will never talk you into services you don’t need.”

So there you go: VANNOVA LEGAL. Now you know what I know about VANNOVA LEGAL, its attorneys, and its services. You know about their history, their licensing, and the way they treat their clients.


~ Bill Gephardt


Matthew Broadbent: Utah State Bar

Andrew Nemeth: Arizona State Bar

Katherine Kang: Utah State Bar

**We have not investigated how this law firm compares to other law firms.


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