If you’re bogged down with handling employee payroll and benefits for your small business, and you’re considering using a human resource service, let me introduce you to a company I trust: WTA, Inc.

I trust WTA, Inc, because we investigated their history, licensing, and the way they do business.

As a result, I trust and endorse WTA, Inc and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We are not a cookie cutter company. We think outside the box.”

-Tony Parry, Sales Manager, WTA, Inc

“We do everything we can to make our business pattern work for each of our clients,” says Tony Parry, Sales Manager of WTA, Inc. “We are not a cookie cutter company. We think outside the box.”

WTA, Inc (Workforce Training and Administration Services) has been in business over fifteen years, providing a wide variety of human resource services. Serving small business owners in Utah and Nevada, WTA, Inc assists their clients with payroll and tax administration, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and human resource management, just to name a few.

“Our clients tell us once they come on board with us that they wish they would have done this from the beginning,” says Tony. “We are a one stop shop. If you need workers’ compensation or employee benefits administration, as well as help with payroll, we can do it all for you.”

Tony tells me he started working in human resource consulting in 1997, when his dad got him involved in the business. “My dad was an accountant, helping small businesses doing payroll,” says Tony. “He got me involved in human resources, and I really enjoyed it. I started WTA with four partners, one is now retired and the others still work with me.

“In addition to providing employee-related tasks for our clients, we are also a professional employer organization (PEO), which is also known as employee leasing. It means we partner with a business owner to provide a cost effective approach to human resource management.

“Essentially the business owner transfers liability to us, and we are then responsible for paying taxes and complying with all government regulations. As long as our client is fulfilling the contract, they have no liability at all. For example, we pay taxes under our federal and state tax ID number. It’s a good way of doing business with so many regulations out there.”

Because WTA, Inc is a PEO it means they must comply with licensing requirements as set forth by the Utah State Department of Insurance. “To be a PEO, we are required to maintain $100,000 in working capital,” says Tony. “We not only have enough working capital to maintain our PEO status, but we also have a $350,000 bond. In addition, we must be audited once a year by a certified accountant. Most companies go out of business, because they don’t plan and get in trouble. We’re not going anywhere.”

“We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our clients so they can spend more time focusing on important business functions.”

According to Tony, the mission for WTA, Inc today is the same as it was when his company first started. “We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our clients so they can spend more time focusing on important business functions. Ultimately, managing human resources can be a time consuming burden for a business, which can impact the bottom line. We have the expertise to help.”

“For us, it’s easy to work with state regulators or IRS. Most people don’t realize they are there to help you. In most cases, you have more in your favor than you might know.”

So there you go: WTA, Inc: Now you know what our investigation revealed about this company’s history and their commitment to customer service.

And now you know why I trust WTA, Inc and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt

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